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This candle making is very straightforward to do. All it takes is a little effort, and skill. With Bright Lites you can quickly make beautiful candles in just three easy minutes. The candle wick is already in it all you have to do is pour the granulated sand wax into the glass jar and voila, your candle has come to life. You can make different designs and use different colors. When you get home you don't even need to melt it; it melts when you light it

The kid friendly process.

Bright Lites: 


Key points:

  • There are several different colors when you make one.

  • The wick is already inside to make sure all you have to do is pour the wax.

  • Every candle no matter what comes out amazing.

  • The designs are limitless.

  • Great for parties and at home activities.

  • Small kids over 5 can make these as well.

  • You don't have to go through the struggle of melting candle wax, creating smoke and burning yourself.

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Name: Ann Fandozzi

Creator:   Kevin Fandozzi

Sponsor/other maker:  Steven Fandozzi

Maker: Raynah Fandozzi

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